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Warning: There are mental health topics such as depression, schizophrenia, and much more. This is not the game for those who are easily disturbed.

Viewer discretion is advised

What do we live for? Our existences brings nothing but tragedies and misfortunes to others.

Is there a way to live happily?

As one forgets and moves freely in the world, one struggles continually to survive...

They live on in their Transparent selves.

The Story

Join Lucia and Tempest in a linear visual novel that traps them to transparent existences as 'troublesome' birds. Yet their existences means something... such as unlocking secrets from both their home and their past.


17000+ words

2 different dark stories about the struggle to live and lack of self-esteem

Presentation of Chapter 1 only

Around 30+ minutes of gameplay

Original Soundtracks

The Team

HarukaNami: Developer, Writer, GUI Artist, GUI Programmer, and Programmer.

Grey: BG Artist (Background Artist)

(Special thanks!) FrostyTrashPanda: (ORIGINAL) Sprite Artist, Artist Expert/Mentor, Icon/Logo Designer, and CG Artist (Chapter 1 only)

(Special thanks!) Marzipan Stars (NEW) Sprite Artist and CG Artist.

(Special thanks!) nekomakino (Original Design for Luna's Dress.)

Ria’s Serenity (Chapter 1 only): (Original) CG Artist

Luis Sayan (AKA: EduRedPal#2610): Composer,

Josh Choong (AKA Shad): Editor

Bee, Pankek and Tanix: Programming error fixers >_<

lumi, Lisa Young, IchoSuzu, and Silver / heartofhiraeth (Twitter) Proofreaders

Free Forest BG (Night)- © Studio Quest:

You're welcome to make comments and reviews in this page, but it's really helpful for you guys to sign this form!

Donations are welcome for potential partial voice acting and a new GUI artist, but it's not necessary! Here's the link to my ko-fi!




The demo will update in time! Look forward to it!

11/17/2020: We updated the script with some fixed spellings and grammatical error that are spotted by IchoSuzu! Enjoy yourselves!

Product details

Genre: Visual novel
Tags: Story rich, Mystery, Drama, Dark-fantasy
Creator: HarukaNami


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