Leak Elite (Demo)

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LEAK ELITE is a team of elite hackers on the rise.

Night after night they infiltrate major networks, leak their most protected secrets, and show the world just how vulnerable the Internet is. All for their own enjoyment.

Now you have the unique chance to experience the thrill of being one of them. Are you up to the challenge?

- Hack up to 60 servers by exploiting their bugs and making them crash in this tricky turn-based game.

- But be careful! There's always some cybersecurity expert looking to track you and hand your identity to the FBI.

- Experience a realistic hacking narrative. No evil corporations here. All dialogue in the game is based on chat logs from real hackers.

Article details

Genre: Strategy
Tags: 2D, Atmospheric, Hacking, Narrative, Pixel Art, Retro, Single player, Story rich, Tactical, Turn-based
Company: micatrix


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