All I Want for Christmas is a Girlfriend

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All I Want for Christmas is a Girlfriend (AWCG) is a free, short Christmas-themed visual novel (VN), created within a month and a half before Christmas of 2018.

Enjoy a heart-warming story with a cute girl!


Rudolf is a college student who is about to spend another Christmas without a girlfriend. With money tight, he’s unable to return home to spend time with his family, and his buddies are spending the holidays with their significant others. So, he’s spending Christmas alone. The cards his family sent alleviate the loneliness a bit, sure, but what he really wants to know is what it’s like to celebrate the holidays with someone to love. All Rudolf wants for Christmas is a girlfriend that he can share the holiday magic with.

Rudolf tutors others during his spare time. He has been tutoring Natalia in calculus for a year already and is developing feelings for her. With her warm smile, hardworking personality and stunning physical appearance, it’s easy to find himself attracted to her. Rudolf has never had a girlfriend before, but Natalia could be his first. He decides to take her out for some coffee on the morning of Christmas Eve as a reward for passing her calculus finals, giving him an opportunity to confess his feelings to her.

But things go wrong during their little hangout…


- Free!
- Just a simple short and sweet holiday-themed VN
- High-quality event CGs for you to enjoy
- Voice acting (v2.0)

Article details

Genre: Visual novel
Tags: Christmas, Kinetic novel, Romance, Voiced
Company: PixælSoft


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