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Café Memoria Deux is a visual novel (VN) and the sequel to Café Memoria. Like its predecessor, it is an interactive slice-of-life visual novel set in a fun restaurant environment. Again, you play as Ryne, as a customer trying out the various foods the café has to offer. The game system is the same as its predecessor (food selection, rating system, etc…). However, Café Memoria Deux offers more of a story, more food selection, more characters, improved rating system, and of course, the ability to date one of the girls.


- Free!
- New characters, and all characters from prequel make a return
- Returning features: make various drink and food selections; improved "Rate Your Waitress™" feature
- New feature: ability to date one of the girls, your choices will affect the ending, including your food selection and rating her

Article details

Genre: Visual novel
Tags: Cafe, Slice of life, Waitress
Company: PixælSoft


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