Café Memoria

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Café Memoria is an interactive visual novel (VN) set in a fun restaurant environment, with five lovely waitresses. You play the role of a male customer entering the restaurant, ordering various food and drink items from one of the waitresses. At the end you can rate how well she did serving you – you can choose to rate her highly, in-between, or even poorly.


Café Memoria is a new restaurant in town, hoping to create memorable experiences for its guests. It’s the weekend, and you totally forgot to buy food the day before for breakfast. With nothing to eat for breakfast, you consider going out to eat at Café Memoria. As you enter, you startle a female friend of yours, who happens to be dressed in a pretty waitress uniform. She is quite shy and very self-conscious, but she tries her best and seats you a table. How memorable of an experience will she create for you? Will you come back and eat there again?


- Free!
- Unlockable routes as you play the game
- Five lovely waitresses: Anna, Mikaela, Tristina, Aurelia, Julia
- Make various drink and food selections, ranging from traditional to contemporary, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner
- Rate your waitress™ - rate her highly or even poorly
- Voice acting!

Article details

Genre: Visual novel
Tags: Cafe, Slice of life, Voiced, Waitress
Company: PixælSoft


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