Cafe Space Angel Part 1

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Cafe Space Angel is a free-to-play romance Visual Novel with a deep world-building and heartbreaking story. Part 1 consists of 8400 words and includes Prologue and Day 1.


Yasushi Toru turned his life around not that long ago. He entered the University and even made a couple of friends, but still felt out of place.

To return the feeling he forgot in his childhood, he came back to his hometown, but something somewhere went terribly wrong...

What on earth is this place... Cafe Space Angel?


Deep philosophical story with comedy, romance and drama.

- Price: Free.
- Rating: 16+ for light swearing, crude humor, drinking and adult themes mentioned
- Release: Part 1 (Prologue +Day 1) - May 2020, Part 2 (Day 2-10) - Autumn 2020
- Platforms: Windows, Linux , Mac
- Full HD lightly animated backgrounds and blinking sprites
- Beautiful atmospheric music and sounds
- Meaningful choices in Part 2 and 6 endings


Arctic Fox - Story, Character Art, Background Art, Sound design, Coding
Pixiv | Twitter | ko-fi

R4gdlyon - Story, English script, Background Art

Jared Barr - Editor
Kosmos Connections | Twitter | Patreon

Proofreaders and beta-testers: fluffness, Dodo, Kaynu Katsuragi, NiAsobu

Tim Reichert - Composer
Website | Twitter | ko-fi

Souichi Sakagami - Composer
Website | Twitter | ko-fi

Artificial Music - Composer
Soundcloud | Youtube | Donate

Created on Renpy

We will be very happy if you follow us on social media! Your involvement and feedback are very important for us and motivate to work on the game.

Feel free to contact us and be a part of the community!

Article details

Genre: Visual novel
Tags: Male protagonist, Romance, Space, Philosophy
Company: Terra games


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