Sheep with Mates

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Grab some mates and throw them on the couch, it's time to herd some sheep!

Competitive sheepherding for 2-8 local players.

Fast-paced sheepherding action!

Pick a team, red vs. blue, then get as many sheep as you can back into your stable.

Input is simple and straightforward; a thumbstick to move and a button to bark. Bark at the sheep to scare them away from you, straight into your team's stable. Though beware, because barking scares away all sheep in a radius, even those behind you.

Play with up to 8 players at the same time.

You read that right! Play with 2 to 8 players at the same time. Teams have no restrictions, so go wild!
Don't have 8 controllers? That's fine, Sheep with Mates supports 2 players per controller and 4 on keyboard! So you can hand half of your controller to a friend to play. Hand it to a foe for some extra fun!

For a more in-depth explanation of how the game functions, check out this user manual:

Only have online mates? Fret not!

Though it isn't supported directly in-game, there are loads of third-party applications that allow you to play local-multiplayer games online!

I recommend using Parsec (
How-to guide:

If you play online in this way, you still only need one copy of the game. Which is also interesting if you're a streamer since you can play together with your audience members and they won't have to buy the game to do so!

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Genre: Casual
Tags: Animals, Controller, Fast-paced, Local multiplayer, Party game, Sheepherding, Short, Voxel
Company: basklein


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